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Gehirn's vulnerability assessment specializes in both automated detection and manual 'developer's perspective' assessment.

Conducting Risk AssessmentFinding flaws through expertise

In conducting risk assessment, you can rely on Gehirn's Vulnerability Assessment*, which uses expert knowledge to find problems in the system and report the risks.

* A vulnerability in software is "an implementation or specification problem (exploitable bug) that can be used by a third party who is not an authorized administrator or user to hijack the system or acquire confidential information."

Gehirn can do it!Diagnosis from a developer's perspective

We discover advanced and specialized problems through pseudo-attacks using the same point of view and methods as the attackers (hackers). When we report the problems we find, we provide detailed and easy-to-understand explanations so that developers can understand them as well.

In addition to reporting the problem, we can also suggest ways to fix the problem using our knowledge as experienced software developers.

Diagnostic Methods

Vulnerability assessments can be roughly divided into automatic assessments using tools and manual assessments by assessors. At Gehirn, we use automated tool-based assessments only as a supplement, as we primarily conduct manual assessment. Gehirn specializes in diagnosis from the perspective of a developer, including "potential issues" and "future development advice" that cannot be detected or provided by tools alone.

* Please apply well in advance, taking into account the revision period.

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