Gehirn means 'brain' in German. With security in mind, we conduct research and development into the three fields of Information Security, Infrastructure and Disaster Prevention.


Make Japan Safer

The phrase 'Make Japan Safer' at the heart of our company, has been our mission statement since 2014. It perfectly describes, and has shaped our existence as a company. Our core focus on 'safety' promotes a sustainable and prosperous society, that actively works to minimize damage.


Hack the World

The word 'hack' means to cut through. Pioneering society is our theme and the philosophy that is consistent in all our efforts. Gehirn employs a number of 'hackers' who, through the provision of excellent tools and services, conduct research and development that contributes to and benefits society as a whole.


Our duty as a company

At Gehirn, ethics are of the utmost importance. Gehirn is made up of staff with professional knowledge and skills, who are trusted with completing the duties of which they are assigned. Gehirn's employees have a responsibility and obligation to never misuse their professional knowledge and skills, and to exercise their competence only in humanitarian actions that contribute to the public welfare.

We have created a fair organization for the sake of running a healthy and sustainable business. Members of Gehirn are responsible for maintaining profound integrity. We do not compromise our ethical perspective. We do not sacrifice integrity in every decision we make. For more information on the values that serve as our code of conduct and principles of behaviour, they're explained in detail here, "Values of Fairness".

Corporate Overview

Company Name
Gehirn Inc.
Head Office
Gehirn Inc.
Seki BLDG. 7F
1-3-6 Kudankita, Chiyoda, Tokyo
41,430,000 ¥JPY
No. of Employees
16 employees (12 full-time)
※ As of 2021/04
Board Members
CEO Daiki Ishimori
Senior Managing Director Takashi Nukaya
Director Masaaki Tateno
Business Overview
  • Security Consulting and Vulnerability Assessment
  • Planning, Management, Operation and Sale of Rental Servers (VPS)
  • Analysis and Distribution of Disaster and Weather Information
  • Web Development, Design, Management, Planning, Operation and Sales
SAKURA internet Inc.(100%)
Registration Number of the Telecommunications Carrier
License for Forecasting Services (Earthquake Ground Motion)
License No. 214
L Alert
General Information Provider and Special User


Gehirn Inc.
Seki BLDG. 7F
1-3-6 Kudan-kita, Chiyoda, Tokyo
Take the Toei Shinjuku Line, Tokyo Metro Hanzomon Line or Tozai Line and get off at Kudanshita Station. Exits 5 and 7 are the closest.
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Contact Us

If you have any questions about Gehirn's vulnerability analysis or disaster prevention information distribution system, feel free to contact us via the form below. One of our representatives will respond as soon as they can.