Web Application Vulnerability Assessment

From the perspective of an attacker (hacker), we discover hidden vulnerabilities by launching pseudo-attacks on the target service.

Web Application Vulnerability AssessmentFind vulnerabilities by launching pseudo-attacks.

The analyst takes the point of view of an attacker and launches a pseudo-attack on the target service to discover hidden vulnerabilities.

We provide our customers with highly accurate results by using both manual and automated diagnosis by our experienced diagnosticians. After the diagnosis, a detailed report on the discovered vulnerabilities will be prepared, and the reproduction procedure and countermeasures against the vulnerabilities will be reported in detail.

Diagnostic Prodecure

Typical Vulnerability Diagnostic Items

Injection Attack

Cross-Site Scripting (XSS)

SQL Injection

OS Command Injection

Path Traversal

Environment Setting, Protocol, and Browser Control

Assigning Attributes to Cookies

Inappropriate Disclosure of Information

HTTP Security Headers

Use of Vulnerable Software

Certificate, Password Management and Encryption

Password Management

Random Number (RNG) Issues

Authentication, Authorization, Authority, and Access Control

Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF)

Improper Authentication

Open Redirection

Denial of Service and Resource Management

Denial of Service

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