Values of Fairness

This section explains the values that both Gehirn's employees, and the company as a whole follows. We established our 'Values of Fairness' as a commitment to our employees, customers, shareholders, and to society.

Our Promise to Staff


We respect the abilities, contributions and achievements of our employees as individuals. We strive to create an environment of mutual trust and respect among our employees.

Worker's Rights

We respect the rights of our employees and will not prevent them from exercising their rights. We will not force employees to work inappropriately outside of their contracts.


Discrimination on the basis of age, gender, place of origin, nationality, race, color, ethnicity, religion, identity, sexual orientation, etc. We take it for granted that we should approach our work as professionals, not just as people. A diverse organization is resilient yet powerful.

Health and Safety

We recognize the importance of managing health and safety in the workplace. We do not allow our workers to do work in an unsafe environment, where unsanitary or hazardous conditions may be present. We will refuse to allow any employee suspected of an infectious disease to come in to the office for the safety of other employees. Employees will be asked to refrain from coming to work in times of hazards, such as typhoons and other disasters that are identifiable in advance. We strive to provide a work environment that is free from danger, disruptive behaviour, threats, violence, and physical harm. We are committed to preventing, and do not tolerate violence of any kind.


If a staff member notices a health or safety issue, they should file a report of the problem to management, who will take appropriate action to correct and improve the situation. We will not tolerate any kind of discrimination, persecution or harassment. If an employee becomes aware of any of these issues, the report will be properly handled and action will be taken. The company will not allow the whistleblower to suffer any disadvantage as a result of their actions.

Our Promise to Customers

Our Business

We are committed to a mutually beneficial relationship of trust and reciprocity with our customers.

Fair Pricing

We will not offer services at prices that significantly hinder competition or manipulate unresonable prices by our customers. Dumping and reverse dumping are strictly forbidden.

Product Quality

We will not provide products that do not meet our, or our customers' quality requirements. We will provide products that are safe, reliable and in compliance of laws and standards.

Policy of Truth

We will not knowingl conceal defects, make false reports about safety or quality, or submit fabricated materials. We will strive to provide accurate information about our products to help our customers help understand and accept them. We will not sell products that are incomplete or have known defects. We will not advertise or market features or services that we do not know how to supply.

Our Promise to Shareholders

Financial Statements and Business Records

We will keep accurate records and reports of all financial statements and other business records. We will not misrepresent business performance or intentionally conceal information. We will not falsify records, fail to keep accurate records, or provide false information.

Reporting and use of Expenses

We will not falsify expense reports, submit fictitious invoices or reciepts, make inflated claims or lie about our interactions with clients.

Record Keeping

We will retain records for the required period of time in accordance with national laws and regulations, in addition to any instructions recieved by supervisory authorities, tax offices and auditing firms.

Reporting and Avoiding Conflicts of Interest

If someone becomes aware that an employee of the company shares a conflict of interest with the company, it will be reported directly.

Proper Use of Company Assets

Our employees will not steal, seize or embezzle company equipment, assets and property. We will not instigate them to do so, or will not comply if asked to do so by a third party.

Our Promise to Society


We will not be swayed from our business decisions based on gifts from others. We will not change our contractual favours, services or prices based on the presence or absence of such items.


We will not exchange money or gifts, or offer any benefits to anyone in a position of power, such as a public official, public servant, law maker, politician, or employee of an independent administrative agency. We will not make any offerings to try to sway the opinions of others. We will not pay for or provide any trivial food or drink expenses or items that could be suspected of being improperly paid or handled.


We will not give or receive money, gifts, or any other benefits, whether public, corporate, or private, under any name, including brokerage fees, referral fees, commissions, gratuities, rebates, kickbacks, or any other form of benefit that could be considered a rebate. We prohibit rebates of any kind because there is a risk that the persons involved may seek rebate compensation for the purpose of disrupting inherently fair business transactions and encouraging hidden money transfers, unfair contracts, unfair methods of dealing, embezzlement, or breach of trust.

Prevention of Unfair Competition

We recognize the importance of competing fairly in the marketplace. We derive value from the unique skills of our employees, products and services, and we do not deceive our customers or engage in unfair trade practices. We conduct our business in accordance with the principles of the Unfair Competition Prevention Act, the Anti-Monopoly Act and the Law of Unjustifiable Premiums and Misleading Representations.

Elimination of Anti-Social Forces

We do not conduct business with anti-social forces of any kind. When a new contract is signed, it is required that both parties note any involvement with anti-social forces. If a relationship with anti-social forces is discovered after the contract has been signed, we will immediately take steps to terminate the contract. We will not accept requests for payment, recording or auditing of payments that are suspected of money laundering or involvement in criminal financing, or that evade unusually complex requirements.

Political Activities, Constributions and Donations

We do not make any financial contributions, donations, gifts or transfers of assets to politicians, political candidates, public officials or any other persons holding a public position.

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