Information Security

Gehirn's vulnerability assessment detects advanced and specialized problems through pseudo-attacks using the same perspective and methods as the attacker (hackers).

What is vulnerability assessment?Start by "assessing" the health of your software.

In order to prevent software vulnerabilities from being exploited, it is essential to conduct a "risk assessment," which is similar to a medical checkup for humans, to detect problems, correctly assess the risks, and determine how to deal with the risks.

Features of Gehirn's Information Security ServicesManual diagnosis by diagnostician

Gehirn generally opts to perform precise diagnosis by manual work, while skilled diagnosticians use tools as a supplement when working to detect vulnerabilities.

Compared to cases where tools are mainly used for automatic diagnosis, the detection rate of vulnerabilities in privileges and authentication, which are difficult to detect with tools, is considerably higher. For example, major vulnerabilities that are revealed by compounding exploits of minor vulnerabilities.

Gehirn's Strengths

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