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  • 2021/03/02

Gehirn launches our Corporate Site in English

On March 2nd, 2021, Gehirn Inc. has updated its corporate website to be available fully in English. We will continue to enhance our corporate website to keep you updated about our activities.

■ Corporate Overview

URL: https://www.gehirn.co.jp/
Est. 2010/07, Gehirn is an IT and Security company that provides 'Gehirn Web Services' (an infrastructure service), Corporate Vulnerability Analysis, and Disaster Preparedness and Weather Information distribution services, all focused around our mission to 'Make Japan Safer'.

■ For other inquiries, please contact us

Gehirn Inc. (ゲヒルン株式会社)
Contact Form: https://www.gehirn.co.jp/en/contact/